Having attended Carnegie-Mellon University, Philadelphia College of Art, and Portfolio Center I have spent my life working as a painter, graphic designer, illustrator, interior designer, and teacher. Along the way I have continued my studies with numerous painters and currently Michael David Singer of Fine Arts Workshop, with an emphasis on figurative painting and portraiture.

My goal is to translate the social context of narratives into emotional imagery. Photographic reference is pivotal to my work. I am drawn to the immediacy and informality of snapshots. When photographing my subjects, I am entering their world, both external and internal. We talk. We share stories. We build trust. Poses emerge naturally during our time together, allowing for the opportunity to capture an unguarded moment.

Sifting through the photos gives me the chance to see them anew. I make drawings from a number of the photos to see where the narrative starts to emerge. This forms the basis for the portrait. My intention is my connection with my subject, not the painting.

I search for pieces, while painting, that support this internalized, ongoing narrative, remaining vulnerable to their vulnerability. However, there is something in their eyes, in my eyes, that has to remain strong, to show that WE have the strength to do this.